Discover the Owner of Land having Culverts running across them



Key Information

Culverts are used to divert or drain water from land above it. They are enclosed watercourses and may be quite large. Responsibility to main a culvert is usually with the landowner for that part of it that is on the owner's land. This may be difficult if it is an old one and is buried beneath the ground and not visible.

Blocked culverts can cause the water to back up and prevent it from draining the ground above, as intended and may also collapse. They may also contain toxic gases and are dangerous to go into.

Knowing the identify of the land owners (or other land owners if you are one of them) over which a culvert runs will be of value to you in the event that the culvert becomes blocked and is or is likely to cause damage to your land, goods or local environment.

To obtain details of culvert ownership and location you should obtain a copy of the Title Register, Title Plan and the Water and Drainage Search.


Drainage and Water

The Titel Register and Title Plan can be added directly to your Drainage and Water search.

Frequently Asked Questions

The culvert is a lengthy one. Will the land that it runs across belong to one owner only, or could it be several?

Ownership of the land over which the culvert runs may belong to several different land owners. When you apply for your search you will use the Advanced Map on the form to outline the course of the culvert on the map. You will be charged only one search fee; however, if the search reveals other ownerships you will be asked to authorise a further payment to cover the additional search fees.