Boundary Resolution Pack

  1. Ownership of Garden Fences
  2. House, Land and Property Disputes
  3. Boundary Positions and Disputes
  4. Property Line

Property Boundaries are shown only in a general way on the Land Registry's Title Plan and therefore in order to determine their positions and ownership more precisely it is necessary to look at each of the Land Registry documents for every bordering property, and to determine what these documents collectively say.

This is an essential first step in order to clarify fence and garden boundary ownership and responsibility, and also to ascertain the exact locus of each disputed boundary. If done thoroughly such an exercise will save you a considerable amount of money in surveyor's and legal fees, as the search is affordable and economical compared to such costs, and would, in any event, be necessary if going down the survey or court route.

Our search provides, not only each of the Land Registry documents for each property, but also a thorough and detailed, fully illustrated guide book with actual examples of different types of references in the documents to boundaries.

Documents Required

Price: £99.95

Documents Included
  • Title Register for each property
  • Title Plan for each property
  • Conveyancing Deeds and Deed Plans if available
  • Lease and Lease Plan if appropriate
  • Common Land Search
  • Boundary Information Pack with Common Law Boundary Presumptions
  • These documents are usually provided within one hour when ordered within office hours

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