There may be many different ownerships of a riverbank, e.g.

  • Owners of the riverbank land itself (known as the riparian owners)
  • Owners of fishing rights along various sections of the riverbank
  • Owners of land having a right of way to the riverbank (easement land).

Each of these ownerships will have a Title Register and Title Plan which describe their respective interest in the land and which contain their ownership details.

The Fishing Rights Title will also contain a copy of the Deed creating the fishing rights and this will usually state the amount and type of fish that can be caught.

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Documents Included
  • Land Owner Title Register
  • Land Owner Title Plan
  • Fishing Rights Title Register
  • Fishing Rights Title Plan
  • Fishing Rights Deed
  • Index Map Searches
  • Land Ownership Information Pack
  • These documents are usually provided within one hour when ordered within office hours

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