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When a property is vested in 2 or more persons as beneficial Joint Tenants (e.g. a husband and wife) and one of them dies it is usual to apply for the deceased spouse's name to be removed from the Title Register. This will keep the Register up to date and also make it easier to deal with any future sale.

The Land Registry will require evidence of the death, either by a certified copy of the Death Certificate, the Grant of Probate (if there is a Will) or Letters of Administration (if there is no Will).

The application is made using HM Land Registry Form DJP which can be obtained for free from the Land Registry website. We have provided a link to this form so that you can download it from this page.

Completion of Form DJP must be accurate, and special care must be given to entering the deceased's name as specified in the Title Register. All the required information must be supplied, including the Title Number. When completing the form you will need an up to date copy of your Title Register, which will provide the above information. If the name of the deceased person is shown differently in the Title Register than on the death certificate or probate you should use the details as provided by the Title Register and complete the name questions as we have done in clause 8 (see below).

How to proceed

1. If you do not have an up to date copy of the Title Register you should obtain one. You will need to pay for this. Please click the 'Current Title Register' link in the menu on the right.

2. Next you need to download form DJP. Please click the 'Form DJP' link in the menu on the right to download it now.

3. You will need to have on hand either the original or certified copy of:

  • Death Certificate
  • Grant of Probate
  • Letters of Administration

4. Complete the form. In our examples we have completed the form in red text to emphasise our answers.

Q1 - Provide the name of your local authority.

Q2 - You must provide the Title Number for your property. This is found on your Title Register, near the top, above the 'A' section./p>

Title Extract

Q3 - You should copy the property address exactly as it appears in the A section of the Register (usually paragraph 1).

Question 3

Q4 - There are 3 optional boxes to tick. The third one will not apply to you if you are doing this yourself. Tick the first box if you are supplying a death certificate; tick the second box if you are supplying the probate or letters of administration. There is no need to supply both. You may provide either the originals or official copies. (If you are supplying the Probate or Letters you may optionally provide a certified copy instead).

Q5 - Insert your own full name.

Q6 - Ignore the Key Number form field. You should insert your name and address, together with your email address (if you have one) and telephone number.

Q7 - You should tick the first box and insert your name. You should then insert the name of your deceased spouse and state the date and place of death.

Question 7

Q8 - Where the deceased spouse's name appears differently on the Death Certificate, Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration to that in the Title Register, then Q8 should be completed. It is important to check this carefully. If there is no discrepancy then the question should be ignored

Question 8

Q9 - Finally, you should date and sign the form.

5. You should look at the top of the Title Register, just above the Title Number. The Land Registry office dealing with your property is shown. You will need to look up their address, using the following link:

You should send your completed DJP form along with the original or a certified copy of the Death Certificate, Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.

No fee is payable for this application, and no covering letter is necessary.