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Title Register

The Title Register contains details such as the name & address of the owner, a physical description of the property, mortgages & charges, restrictive covenants and easements such as rights of way and rights of light.

Title Plan

The Title Plan is a large scale location plan, usually at a scale of 1:1250 and shows the property in relation to the surrounding properties. It often contains coloured markings to match those described physically in the register, and shows the general property boundaries edged in red.

Land and Derelict Properties

If you require a Title Register or Title Plan for a plot of land or a derelict property, please click Land Registry Searches from the main menu and scroll down to LR1b.

Additional Titles

On some occasions multiple Titles are found at one address. If you would like to receive documents for all the Titles found at a property and not just the primary Title, please register and use our full featured order forms.