Finding Ownership of an Alleyway


It is often difficult to identify the ownership of an alleyway or side passage around the rear and the sides of a property. Our Roads and Alleyways search provides a search specific to this type of request.

Title Register

The Title Register held by the Land Registry provides details of the ownership of a property in its Section B. However, providing the postal address for the property, by itself, is unlikely to produce the correct Title Register.

The Map Search, is provided in the Street View of our Advanced Map Search. Zooming in will usually clearly show an outline of the alleyway or side passage, together with the buildings and roads nearby.

Complete the Form and the Property Outline on the Map.

Our mapping tools are designed to be easy to use and allow you to specify increadibly detailed boundary outlines should you need to. Below is a simplified guide to help you understand how to use the application form and its integrated advanced mapping tool.

1. Complete the Large Areas of Land search form

2. Ensure you are in Street View

3. Enter a postcode or nearby property address to navigate to a nearby location.

4. Zoom in until you can see a sufficiently large image of the houses, roads and alleyway that you are interested in.

5. If you inadvertently drop a pin or red lines have begun to be added use the “clear map” tool at the top of the map so that you can start afresh.

6. Drop a pin on one end of the alleyway to begin drawing and trace around its entirety as in the sample below.

Finding ownerhsip of alleyways

When you are ready, i.e. when you have completed the form and have finished your Map, please select the “Continue” button to make your payment and submit the search. You will normally receive the appropriate Title Register the same days as you order it, if ordered during normal office hours; otherwise, you will receive it in the morning of the next working day.

Roads and Alleyways

Ownership of a private road, lane or alleyway is carried out using either our standard map search or else the advanced map search, whichever you find the most convenient. Private roads are not adopted by the local authority and therefore maintenance and upkeep is the responsibility of the owner.


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Single Plots of Land

This search enables you to obtain the ownership details of a single plot of land, either by dropping a pin onto a built-in map on our application form, or by tracing its outline onto the map.


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Large Area of Land

This search enables you to obtain the ownership details of a large area of land, whatever its nature, size or shape. Our fee includes the Title Registers for the first 5 Titles. You will be advised of the cost of proceeding with any remaining Titles, which will be charged at £4.95 each.


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