How to find Ownership of Fields


Developers are always seeking to find ownership of fields that could be built upon. Fields do not have a postal address and they are often owned by a number of different persons. This article explains how to find ownership of all the fields with a single search.

Title Register

The Land Registry Title Register discloses the ownership of property whether they are dwellings or fields. So the answer to finding ownership comes down to identifying the fields and obtaining their Title Registers. This is done using our Advanced Map Search. Whilst we have a more generic Map Search, such is not suitable for a search of multiple ownerships. The Advanced Map Search is designed for such a purpose.

The Advanced Map Search is one of the options on our Map Search. We call this search the “Large Areas of Land”, although it is just as useful for very small or difficult to identify areas of land. The Map forms part of the application form and utilises map drawing tools to enable you to draw around the outline of the fields. We receive a copy of this Map with your Search and are able to quickly identify the land, obtain the Title Registers and send them to you by email, usually the same day as requested.

The Search will usually identify many different property ownerships, depending upon the size of the area concerned. You will receive the first 5 Title Registers for our standard fee, which is paid at the time of ordering. If more than 5 ownerships are revealed you will be notified and if you wish to obtain them, will be asked to pay a supplemental fee at a substantially discounted rate.

How to Proceed

Our mapping tools are designed to be easy to use and allow you to specify increadibly detailed boundary outlines should you need to. Below is a simplified guide to help you understand how to use the application form and its integrated advanced mapping tool.

1. Complete the Large Areas of Land search form

Creating the Map

2. Enter a postcode or nearby property address to navigate to a nearby location.

3. Zoom in until you can see a sufficiently large image of the fields that you are interested in. You will probably want to use Satellite view.

4. If you have inadvertently dropped a pin or red lines have begun to be added use the 'Clear Map' tool at the top of the map so that you can start afresh.

5. Drop a pin on one of the field boundaries to begin drawing.

Finding ownership of fields

6. Click the field boundaries as you proceed to mark the next point, tracing around the outline of the fields until you have finished.

7. If you make a mistake select the 'Edit Lines' tab at the top of the map.

8. You can continue to edit and refine your outline until you are satisfied. Once both the Map and the Form are complete, you should select the “Continue” button at the foot of the page, to make your payment.

Once you submit your order you should receive your documents the same day you order (if ordering during a week day and during normal office hours) or the following work day.

Property Map Search

The Land Registry Title Register holds data relating to the property ownership, purchase price, mortgage, tenure, covenants, rights of way, leases and class of title.


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Single Plots of Land

This search enables you to obtain the ownership details of a single plot of land, either by dropping a pin onto a built-in map on our application form, or by tracing its outline onto the map.


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Large Area of Land

This search enables you to obtain the ownership details of a large area of land, whatever its nature, size or shape. Our fee includes the Title Registers for the first 5 Titles. You will be advised of the cost of proceeding with any remaining Titles, which will be charged at £4.95 each.


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