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You can find the purchase price of a property by looking at the Title Register. So long as the property was purchased after 2000 the Land Registry will insert the purchase price in the B section of the Register, together with the date of purchase and the purchaser's name and address. An example of the B section of a Title Register is shown in this article, and details of how to obtain a copy of the Title Register. Exceptions as to when the purchase price is not shown are also explained.

Title Register

The Land Registry Title Register is the main document of Title. It contains details of the property, its ownership, rights and incumbrances affecting the property. Each of the three sections of the Register provide all the details necessary for proving ownership and for confirming the terms upon which that ownership exists.

Sample Extract from Title Register showing Purchase Price

The section of the Register that provides details of the purchase price is the B section, as in this sample:

Title absolute

1   (30.10.2001)   Proprietor: Roger George Bentley and Grace Margaret Bentley of Bayou, Key Lane, Whelmsdale LE19 3SR

2   (30.10.2001)   The price stated to have been paid on 23 September 2001 was £570,000

In the sample above the first paragraph identifies the name and address of the property owners, and the second paragraph confirms the date of purchase and the amount paid.

Exceptions to Purchase Price being shown

1 The purchase price is only shown for property purchases registered after April 2000. The enabling legislation for this is the Land Registration Rules 2003, which applied with retrospective effect so far as the purchase price is concerned.

2 Where the Consideration for the purchase is other than money, e.g. the natural love and affection for someone (a gift), then the value at the time of registration will instead be provided.

The general rule is that the purchase price will be shown, although where the Consideration was other than for money and the value cannot be calculated an entry in the following format will instead be made:

(30.10.2001)   The value as at 23 September 1995 was stated to be between £400,000 and £570,000.

If in making such an entry the value would be misleading it will instead be omitted. This might occur where the value only represents a share of the property. In all other cases the purchase price will be shown.

Title Register

The Land Registry Title Register holds data relating to the property ownership, purchase price, mortgage, tenure, covenants, rights of way, leases and class of title.


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Title Plan

The Title Plan shows an outline of the property and its immediate neighbourhood, and uses colours to identify rights of way, general boundaries and land affected by covenants.


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Associated Documents

Deeds creating Restrictions, Covenants, Easements, etc. are often kept digitally by the Land Registry and made available for sale due to their invaluable detail and content to assist in further understanding the Restrictions, etc.


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