Obtain Title Documents By Map

Land ownership information is a highly sought after commodity these days. It is easily obtained by obtaining a copy of the Land Registry Title Register. The Register is divided into 3 sections:

  • A Section - Property Description
  • B Section - Ownership
  • C Section - Charges

The above is a simplistic view of the Register. There is a lot more to it than that. This article, however, focuses on the B section, as this contains the name and contact address of each owner. it is a simple exercise to obtain a copy of the Title Register when the property has a postal address. Where the property relates to a plot of land with no postal address, however, this is where a Map Search is required.

Map Search

The use of a built-in map to seek out and identify property that does not have a postal address is one of those recent innovations that we all managed without until a few years ago, but is now an absolute must for anyone seeking to purchase land. Most of the thanks for this lie with Google, who developed it and allowed others to freely use it. Many businesses, including ourselves, have now incorporated mapping technology into their web pages.

Dropping a Pin

The standard map helps us identify the property we are searching for by dropping a pin, built into the map, on the relevant parcel of land.

Pin Locating Land to be Searched

Dropping a pin using the standard map

Issues with a Map Search and our Resolutions to them

We know from enquiries we receive that even with online mapping technology there are still issues, and we believe we owe a duty of excellence to our customers to resolve them all, to their complete satisfaction, and we believe that we have.

Attaching the Land Registry Map to the application form when applying for the search

As the search is made online, how do you attach it to the application form? In many instances this will result in the application being sent through the postal service instead of online, so that the application form and the map can be kept together. The alternative is worse - applying online and posting the map separately, hoping that the two will be married together by someone in the office who is willing to spend several hours sifting through the mail.


By building the map into the application form the problem of not being able to apply on line is overcome, as we will receive the application and map as one document.

The Land Registry standard map does not always identify the land accurately

This is especially so where the land is either large, asymmetrical or very small.


We have now resolved this problem as well. We now have 2 maps on our application form so our customers can chose which one will suit them best. The second map, our advanced map, allows customers to trace the outline of the property they wish to search, straight onto the map. An exact copy of the map with its traced outline is received by us, embedded on the application form, enabling us to quickly identify the property with pin-point accuracy.

Changing the Land Registry Map Search Outline before sending it


We have created an edit facility on the advanced map so that the map can be edited before sending it to us.

Paying Only for Searches included in the Land Registry Map Search Area

A Land Registry search will provide information for all areas of land covered by the search area on the map. If the map outline crosses onto an adjoining property that information is not required for, it will be shown and added to the search, resulting in further cost.


The map editing facility allows you not only to edit the map but to zoom in to a higher magnification and ensure the boundary lines are all within the boundaries of the land you are searching for. The outline does not need to be exactly on the boundary; it will suffice so long as it is within the boundary, as that will still show the ownership of that parcel of land. The zoom facility could, in theory, allow you to search, for example, the whole breadth of the UK, zoomed right out. You could then zoom in, adjusting the property outline more accurately, until you have an exact property outline from coast to coast.

Map Search

Using the Land Registry Map Search in Different Map Views

Correctly identifying the property may require viewing it in Map View, Satellite View and/or Street View.


Both of our maps allow for switching views without changing the pinned or outlined property, so you can move in and out of views while identifying your land

Advanced Mapping Tools using Map View

Advanced mapping using the map view

Advanced Mapping Tools using Satellite View

Advanced mapping using the satellite view

Fees for Large Areas of Land

The cost of searching for very large areas of land ownership depends on the number of Titles revealed. This cannot be known in advance, so how can our customers know what they will be charged.


With large areas of land we have a separate search that charges only for the first 5 search results. We then ascertain the total number of Titles held and advise you of the cost and request authority to proceed, at which point you can opt not to proceed, or to proceed for part of the search area only.

We also provide a hefty discount to our fees for obtaining the balance of the searches. This type of search, the Large Areas of Land Search, requires a fee of £89.50 for the first 5 Titles and thereafter £4.95 for the remainder of the searches.

Our fee for a Map Search for a single plot of land is only £29.95. We know of no other business who offers these online map searches to obtain a Land Registry Title Deed.

Single Plot of Land Search

Large Areas of Land Search

Although completing the map search is easy enough for those who have used online mapping before, we realise that some of our customers may require a little instruction, and we have accordingly prepared a detailed Information Guide that should tell you precisely what detail you will receive with your search, and exactly how to use both the standard map search and the advanced map search. This is available for free by selecting the download button below. It contains 26 pages of useful detail, including samples and is provided in PDF format.

Land Searches Information Guide

Single Plots of Land

This search enables you to obtain the ownership details of a single plot of land, either by dropping a pin onto a built-in map on our application form, or by tracing its outline onto the map.


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Large Areas of Land

This search enables you to obtain the ownership details of a large area of land, whatever its nature, size or shape. Our fee includes the Title Registers for the first 5 Titles. You will be advised of the cost of proceeding with any remaining Titles, which will be charged at £4.95 each.


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Woodland Searches

This search enables you to obtain the ownership details of a parcel of woodland, forest or moorland. If more than one Title is discovered you will be advised of the cost of obtaining further Titles.


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