Sale of Part of a Property


It is quite common with larger parcels of land for owners to sell off parts of it, retaining the remainder, e.g. selling part of the garden or paddock. This article describes what happens with the Land Registry documents to show there has been a sale of part of a Title.

This article does not deal with the drafting of the documents nor the contents thereof; it deals only with a description of the registered documents.

Title Register and Title Plan

The Sold Land

A new Title Register and Title Plan will be created for the land to be sold. It will have its own unique Title Number. The Title Plan will be created from a plan that will have been prepared in Land Registry format by a chartered surveyor instructed by the vendor or his solicitors.

The Retained Land

The Title Plan of the retained land will contain green edging around the parcel of land that has been removed from the vendor’s Title, and alongside it will be shown the Title Number for the sold property, in green ink.

Example of part of a Title Plan showing a removed parcel of land, edged in green.

Title Plan showing part of land sold

The A Section of the Title Register, which describes the property, will contain a statement that the Title shown in the Title Plan and edged in green and bearing the new Title Number, has been removed from this Title.

Check the Post Registration Documents

Both the vendor and the purchaser should obtain copies of their ownership documents, i.e. their Title Registers and Title Plans, once registration has been completed, and should check that the property descriptions are correct and that the easements and covenants created are correct.

Some of the new Deeds and plans created by the vendor’s solicitors may be copied by the Land Registry so that they are available to purchase, if required. Rather than retain a digital copy for each of the properties the Land Registry may file a copy in the original Title and add a file note to the new Title to the effect that a copy has been filed under the original Title.

Title Register and Title Plan Search

Title Register

The Land Registry Title Register holds data relating to the property ownership, purchase price, mortgage, tenure, covenants, rights of way, leases and class of title.


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Title Plan

The Title Plan shows an outline of the property and its immediate neighbourhood, and uses colours to identify rights of way, general boundaries and land affected by covenants.


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Associated Documents

Deeds creating Restrictions, Covenants, Easements, etc. are often kept digitally by the Land Registry and made available for sale due to their invaluable detail and content to assist in further understanding the Restrictions, etc.


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