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Land Registry searches for Scotland are similar to those in England & Wales, but there are some differences. For example, the Title Register has 4 parts to it rather than 3, the extra one being a very useful precis of the Associated Documents. Scotland also have a record (called the Sasine Record) which summarises the information held for each property prior to registration.

Controlling Legislation

Scotland has its own Land Registry, which is quite distinct from the Land Registry in England and Wales, and Scotland Land Registry Searches are based on a different legal system, being controlled by the Land Registration etc (Scotland) 2012 Act.

Property Ownership Documents

Ownership documents in Scotland are contained in the Land Register, which includes a Title Plan based on the Ordnance Survey. The Land Register consists of a Title Record, an Index Map (referred to as a Cadastral Map), a Sasine Register (referred to as an archive record) and an Application record.

Title Record

There are 4 main sections to the Title Record, being:

  • A: Property Section - this section describes the property by reference to an address, where there is one or a description sufficient to identify the land where there is no address. It also contains details of matters benefitting the property, such as rights of way.
  • B: Proprietorship Section - this section provides the name and address of the proprietors or owners, the purchase price and notices affecting the ownership of the property
  • C: Securities Section - this section provides details of mortgages and charges affecting the property
  • D: Burdens Section - The Burdens section provides a precis of the contents of Deeds from which the title sheet has derived.

Title Plan

A search for a copy of the Title Record is always accompanied with a copy of the Title Plan, without payment of an additional fee. When a search is made for a Title Record (Title Register) and the property is not registered or is undergoing First Registration, we will always provide you with a copy of the Sasine Registers and, if appropriate, the Applications Register.

Archive Records

These are the Sasine Registers that relate to pre-registration records. They can be obtained separately using our Sasine Register Searc

Application Records

Application Records consist of a Register that is built up over a period of up to 2 years whilst the property undergoes first registration. They do not give a complete picture of property ownership but, coupled with the Sasine Register, will be the best available while a property is undergoing first registration.

Land Registry Search

The Land Registry Title Register holds data relating to the property ownership, purchase price, mortgage, tenure, covenants, rights of way, leases and class of title This search provides you with the Title Register, Title Plan and Burdens for your specified property.


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Sasine Register Search

Property records prior to registration of title were kept in one or more of the Sasine Registers. There are 3 different Sasine Registers, namely the Post-1993 records, Post-1959 records and Pre-1959 records. We search all 3 of these Registers and provide whatever documents are available for your property.


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Historical Search

Current Title Register and Historical Sasine Registers. This search includes the current regsitered details, if the property is registered, and all available details from the Sasine Register.


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