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Many properties such as building sites, demolished properties, woodlands and farms do not have a postal address. To make it possible to search for the ownership documents you have to use a Map Search.

Map Searches

There are two types of Map Search. Both types of map are shown on the search application form. The first requires you to zoom into the property and drop a pin on the land identified. The second is a more advanced map which allows you to trace around the outline of the property, and should be used for very small areas of land or very large areas.

Map Searches need to be used whenever there is not a complete postal address. As well as including fields, woodlands and moorland Map Searches are also useful to identify ownership of roads and alleyways.

Map Searches may also be used for properties that have been vacant for a long time and where their use changes, or where a number of shops have been combined to form one large store, and again where a warehouse is divided into multiple units.

Application Form

The Map Search form includes two types of maps. These are built into the form itself, so that when you place your order we also receive a copy of the map exactly as you leave it. This is so, whichever map you use, whether by dropping a pin or by outlining the land to search.

The Map automatically inserts a postal address for the nearest property into the address box. You should ignore this, as the information is merely to allow us to quickly zoom to a part of the map from which we can quickly find your property.

Example of the Standard Map

Standard Mapping Tool

Example of the Advanced Map

The Advanced Map contains utility tools to help you define, edit and re-define the red edging until you are satisfied that it correctly identifies your property.

Advanced Mapping Tool

Use of Map Searches:

  • Potential building sites
  • Single plots of land
  • Small areas of land that are difficult to distinguish from larger areas
  • Large areas of land with multiple ownerships
  • Roads, Alleyways, Footpaths, and the like
  • Woodland
  • Moorland
  • Riverbanks
  • Common Land

Property Map Search

The Land Registry Title Register holds data relating to the property ownership, purchase price, mortgage, tenure, covenants, rights of way, leases and class of title.


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Single Plots of Land

This search enables you to obtain the ownership details of a single plot of land, either by dropping a pin onto a built-in map on our application form, or by tracing its outline onto the map.


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Large Area of Land

This search enables you to obtain the ownership details of a large area of land, whatever its nature, size or shape. Our fee includes the Title Registers for the first 5 Titles. You will be advised of the cost of proceeding with any remaining Titles, which will be charged at £4.95 each.


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