Water and Drainage Route Plans for your House


If you wish to obtain details of the routes of your water and drainage pipes, and location of manholes within the public highway around your property you can use our Water and Drainage Search.

If, however, you wish to obtain route plans within your property you would need to adopt a different procedure. This article describes that procedure.

Water Authorities

England and Wales are divided into 11 different water authorities, who each deal with the water, drains and sewers for their particular region. A standard Water and Drainage search, will provide much necessary information about your property, but the plan that comes with it shows only the routes of the drains, sewers and water within the public highway for a distance of 250 metres, centred around your property. It does not show the pipe routes beneath your property.

Your Water Authority

Where you need to establish the routes of your pipes within your own property, as a first step, you should discover which water authority deals with your property.

One way to do this is to visit www.water.org.uk. All you need do is enter your postcode in the space provided, e.g. entering CH44 2AQ provides the water authority as United Utilities.

The second step is to contact your water authority and make a formal request for the route plans of your property. They may charge a fee for doing this, and it make take a few weeks to arrive.


1. If you require information about water, drains and sewers for your property but do not need to see the route map of the pipes beneath your house, you should use the Water and Drainage Search.

2. If you specifically require the route map for your own property, you should use the web link above to discover the identity of your water authority. You should then discover their contact details by using a search engine such as Google, and make a formal request for the same.

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